Welcome to Heartfit Farm Holidays , a non profit program for adults 18+ with developmental differences

Nestled on 80 acres in the Northumberland Hills in southern Ontario, we are a working farm

This historic farm was deeded to Empire Loyalists in 1802 and was owned and worked by one family running a large apiary producing honey from 1842 to 1987.

We now produce goat meat, pork, meat chickens and eggs. Our livestock is raised traditionally on non medicated feed and we maintain a high standard of hygiene and health.  We also produce organic vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit.

Full programming  for 8 guests at a time means flexible activities and participation choices. Experienced professional teachers and developmental service workers lead the guests into new learning and reinforce daily living skills.

Activities  scheduling is determined by weather, interests and the needs of our guests.

Heartfit Farm Holidays

"We are MORE than a camp!"

at Heartfit Farm

"our hearts make friends"